100+ cast iron recipes that bridge the gap between traditional values and modern taste.

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    Whether you have just a few select pieces or a wide range of cast iron, you can find the perfect recipes meant for your specific cast iron here.

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    Meet the cook

    Hey there, I’m Katie!


    I’m not talking seasoning on a pan. Nope. I’m a country girl from the great state of Maine, learning how to cook in a timeless method to pass down a legacy of recipes and taste to my 6 children.

    I adore everything about cast iron cookware from the seasoning to the clean-up, and the heating to eating. Everything is better cooked in cast iron – even ice cream… as long as it sits on top of some homemade apple crisp.

    If you have beautiful, passed down cast iron skillets hanging on your wall as décor because you don’t know how to use them, well you’re in the right place sugar. So pull those suckers off the wall and let’s get cooking!

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    If you’re new to cooking or just new to cast iron, spending time in the kitchen and online can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve put together a list of my favorites kitchen and cast iron must-haves to make your life experimenting in the kitchen loads more fun with pieces that will last a lifetime!

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    From sun up to sun down, life’s biggest question is “what’s for (insert course here)?” At least in my house. Browse by course here and you can quickly, and easily create your own meal plan in a matter of minutes.