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From cast iron to stand mixers and everything in between, as a mom of six I know how important it is to keep the kitchen functional, beautiful, and long lasting. So here you’ll find my top kitchen must-haves as well as a few extras!

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Cast Iron

6 Quart Enameled Dutch Oven

Why: 6-Quart Dutch Ovens are great for large families of 6 or more. Cook anything from a chicken to a roast, or a large batch chili. Enameled cast iron are great for beginners and can be washed with soap!

4 Quart Enameled Dutch Oven

Why: Got a family of 4? The 4-Quart Dutch Oven is perfect for those families, small chickens, and sharable desserts. Enameled cast iron are great for beginners and can be washed with soap!

#8 or #10 Lodge skillet

Why: A cast iron enthusiast is bound to have at least one of these in their collection. You can make pretty much anything in these skillets with 2-inch high walls. Unsure about cast iron and afraid to “ruin” it? Lodge is available nearly everywhere with beginner pricing.

13-inch skillet or braiser

Why: Call it a skillet or a braiser, you can find these in a wide range of quality. From enameled to traditional cast iron, this peace with high sides is perfect for braising ribs as well as baking a homemade pizza. It looks equally exquisite over an open fire.


Why: Griddles are a must-have for pancakes at home or burgers while camping. This versatile piece of cast iron is double sided and may very well be the only piece you truly need when transitioning between indoor and outdoor cooking.

Bakers Best Friends

Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer

I love my stand mixer. I use it for way more than bread dough. Making large batches of meatballs, homemade whipped cream, etc. This is easily the most used item in my home next to cast iron.

Cordless Hand Mixer

If you’re not ready for a stand mixer or like to move about the kitchen while working, a cordless hand mixer will be a game changer! Now you can follow wherever the cookie dough takes you!

Wooden Utensils

There is little that can harm cast iron, but if using enameled cast iron you’ll want to keep the glass coating looking it’s best and that means no more metal utensils. Wooden utensils will quickly become your best friend.

Rubber Spatulas

I do a lot in mixing bowls as I’m sure you’ve seen. A good set of rubber spatulas ensures you get every bit of the ingredients you paid for into your final dish.

Hot Pads

I’ve searched high and low and finally found my favorite hot pads! Their thin design and soft texture means I can easily set my Dutch ovens on my counter without fear of ruining our granite and easily move the heavy pots around.

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